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Never leave home without your business cards.

Catalogues, resumes, billboards, and most other advertising for your business cannot possibly be carried around with you everywhere. Business cards on the other hand are small, and even up to a dozen of them can be easily and discretely carried.

With this being the case, you should make sure that you are never without business cards while you are out. You never know when you will be asked for, or you have the chance, to give out one of your business cards. This is a business opportunity which should not be missed by the fact that you forgot to carry some of your business cards.

Make a habit of carrying a few business cards inside of your wallet, or better still invest in a business card holder, this will help give an even better impression when you are handing out your business cards and also help to keep them in pristine condition and help avoid the damage and wear that can result in placing them in pockets or inside your wallet.

Have some stored in your car, wallet, shirt pocket, diary, handbag, anywhere to avoid being in the situation of someone asking for your business cards only to have tell them that you do not have any one you.

Every time you step out of the office or home you will be constantly find possible opportunities to hand your cards out. (For more information on distributing your business cards please read some of our other business card articles). Make sure that you have a card on you to give out. Never leave home without your business cards.

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