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Raised Text (Spot printed) vs Full color Business Cards

When searching to get your business cards printed you will have no doubt come across a large number of options available to you. Here we will look at 2 of the most popular ones, being raised print and full color.

How do raised letters and full color business cards differ? What are the price differences between the two? Which once will give the best first impression for my business? These are a number of questions which get asked frequently.

What are the differences in raised letter and full color business cards?
The main difference is the way that the ink is applied to the business card during the printing process.

Business cards with raised text refers to cards that have text that stands up slightly off the page and can be felt by running your hand over it. For this type of business card, each color that is used on the business card requires a separate plate, and the business card needs to be be run through the press for every color chosen. This process of printing is called spot printing. This type of business card can have an elegant and refined look to them.

Full color printing using offset printers is much closer to printing of your ink jet printer at home. All the colors used on your business card are applied to the paper at the same time, to combine and create hues and shades. So different from the raised text cards described above, they only require the single run thought the printing press. Full color allows a lot choice and applications in the design of the business cards, and full color business cards tend to have more sharper, modern and creative designs.

What are the price differences?
Prices can differ a lot, even for different raised text business cards.

As mentioned above for spot printing and raised text business cards, for each color used the card must go through the press. Therefore for low color or black + white cards, raised text can be the cheapest in cost. However as soon as more colors are used, more work is required and this will mean a higher production cost. Therefore raised text business cards are only really viable if you are planning on keeping color to a minimum.

Full color business cards on the other hand have become more affordable. The problem here is that most printers will most of the time set a pretty high minimum order, say 1000 cards per time. You may be able to find printers willing to print 250 or 500 cards however you will probably find that prices are pretty much the same as for 1000. This is because the setting up of the printer is probably the biggest cost in the process printing of business cards. For this reason, the more you buy the better price or deal you will get on full color business cards.

Which once will give the best first impression for my business?
This is a very difficult question to answer as every business has it's own image it wants to portray of itself. To answer this question go back and read some of our articles on the advantages of full color printing.

From my point of view the only time that raised text business cards would be if you are looking for a business card that gives the impression of professionalism and maybe elegance, e.g. lawyers, writers, ballet dancer, etc. and maybe will only serve the purpose of giving contact details and not looking for new business.

In conclusion the cost involved in the printing of your business cards, whether raised text or full color will be very similar if you look around. With full color business cards getting a 30% better response than standard business cards, this would provide a very good reason to choose this type of printing if you are looking to use your business cards as a marketing tool for your company.

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