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Make your business card so much more..

In order for your business card not be thrown in the trash, make sure that your business card has another use, an innovative design, or something other than just the usual contact information printed on it.

Try printing something different on your business card sized card-stock.

Some ideas include:

- Make your card into a loyalty card with something like a 'buy 5 get 1 free' offer printed on it.

- Make your business card double as a VIP card that can give return customers a 5% discount when they produce the card.

- Feature a promotional offer on your business card.

- Make your card into a coupon that can be redeemed for a free lesson, a free consultation or a free gift.

- Include a short survey on your card allowing customers to leave valuable feedback. Offer a free gift or discount as an incentive to complete and return the survey, and on it's return you can supply a new business card with contact details on it.

- Make you business card into a nametag or baggage tag.

- Make your business card into a clothing tag, if you are a clothes shop and attach it to clothes that you sell.

- Make you business card double as a ticket for an event

- Make your business card into a referral card. This can enable someone to invite a prospect to attend your meeting or club. On the front, print a form to fill in the date, time and location. On the back, include a brief overview of the club. Let members hand them out to potential recruits.

- Make your business card double as an appointment card. Print a few lines and the back of the card and print 'next appointment' at the top of the card.

- Put a calendar on the back of your card. When designing your card, make you sure that you bear in mind that although the business card may appear to be a small thing, with a bit of creativity you can create and turn your business card into a very powerful marketing tool for your business.

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