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Business Card Size

Business Card Size and Bleed
Our finished business cards are made to the standard dimensions of 90mm x 54mm.

Most business cards will include a bleed. A bleed is to allow any design elements or background to go right to the border of your card, and avoid having any unwanted white space on the border of your cards.

A bleed of 1.5mm extends around all sides of the cards, giving the submitted design size of 94mm x 57mm. Any backgrounds or elements that extend to the border of the card should continue all the way to the edge of the bleed.

The card will then be cut close to the inner edge of the bleed, leaving a 90x54mm sized card with all elements continuing to the edges as designed.

Business Card Size

Be aware that the cutting area may vary, so it is always recommended to place all important text and logos within the text safe region, shown in the above picture. This is very important so as to avoid having the last digit of your telephone number or the extension of your website cut off.

For this reason borders on business cards are best avoided, as it is impossible to guaranteed the equal widths of the borders.

Non-standard Sizes
We are also able to produce non standard size business cards such as the popular half width business cards. Please contact us for more information regarding different non-standard sizes.

Business Card Size Template
If you are using photoshop, we have made a 300dpi, CMYK, business card size template (with bleeds) for you to download and use, below.

93x57mm (Horizontal) - Business Card Size Template (.PSD)
57x93mm (Vertical) - Business Card Size Template (.PSD)

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