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Keep your business cards out of the rubbish

OK, you have gone through all the trouble of thinking up a business card idea, hiring a designer and spending many hours with them trying to come up with what you think is the perfect business card design before going to your printers and get your business card printed. You are very proud of your new business cards, you think all the work you have put into them has paid of. Later on you meet someone and proudly hand over your business card at the first chance, upon leaving you are see them throwing your business card away in the trash can as they walk away.

Unfortunately this is a very likely case, with most business cards received being thrown away.

If you have just met someone and you come on to strong, it may sound like a sales pitch which nobody likes. Try doing it passively, maybe by bringing up the question "what do you do for work?", followed by "do you hand a business card?". After receiving their business card you have the opportunity to present your card. Doing it this way you can indirectly hand out your business card and seem more sincere.

People do business with people that they feel more comfortable and that they feel they can trust. It is therefore very important that you come across as being sincere. If you are meeting someone new try asking more questions about themselves and getting to know them a bit better. While maybe the only reason you are talking to them is to get your business card across you need to remember that you must appear sincere and trustworthy to this other party or else it could just be a waste of time giving them a business card if they have a bad impression of you.

Remember if the receiver feels there is a connection or some kind of friendship with you they will much more likely hand onto your business card and pull it out when they are in need of your product or service.

If that particular person already uses another company for the type of product or service you offer, good networking habits can still be very beneficial to you. It is true that many people are often already loyal to another company for the products or services that you offer simply because they are a friend, relative, or owe obligations to them.

Good networking habits have far greater value for you because although they are often loyal to another company they will usually feel very comfortable referring you to someone else they know who is seeking your particular product or service.

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