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Saturday, 20 July 2019
Small Cards, Big Ideas: Alternative Uses for Business Cards

Aggressive business card marketing isn't about handing your business cards out to everyone you see. The card itself must have a new use, an innovative design, or something other than the usual contact information printed on it.

To make your little card stand out, try these other ideas. Print something ...

Keep your business cards out of the rubbish

OK, you have gone through all the trouble of thinking up a business card idea, hiring a designer and spending many hours with them trying to come up with what you think is the perfect business card design before going to your printers and get your business card printed. You are very proud of your new business cards, you think all the work you have put into them has paid of. Later on you meet someone and proudly...

Business and greeting cards. Use them effectively for your business

What have business cards got to do with greeting cards? you may ask. One is small, used to convey your contact details of your business to people, and handed directly to the recipient. The other is large, sent on special occasions to convey your best wishes to the receiver, and usually sent to the recipient in the mail.

Although at first appearance these two kinds of cards may appear too be very...