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Printing business cards: the latest technologies.

Business card printing has come a long way in the last 10 years thanks to the big developments in printing technology. Gone are the days of black + white cards or 3-4 color cards, today we have so many different choices it can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming for someone just wanting to purchase something so simple as business cards.

Because of this, there needs to be strong communication between the customer and printing company, so that the available printing options are made clear to the customer and also so the customer's printing needs are made clear to the printers. Effective communication in this area requires a good knowledge of printing and the latest technologies in the field.

The new technologies in the printing field have resulted in a range of new choices in business cards. These include your standard business cards, 4/4 color business cards, parchment business cards, pre-printed business cards, color speckled business cards, full bleed business cards, magnet business cards, metal business cards, folded business cards, plastic business cards, CD business cards, plus many more too numerous to list here.

A quick summary of some of the new business card styles that have resulted from new technologies are listed below.

- CD business cards - are basically CD's but in the same shape and size of a business card. The front of the card can include your custom design probably featuring your company logo or something similar. This is a great way to distribute your product catalogue. This type of CD can have a capacity of up to 50MB so they can be a very information rich type of promotional material.

- 4/4 color business cards are full color double sided business cards which are easily produced by offset printers and are available now for very competitive prices if you look around. Full colored business cards allow you to produce a much more memorable, eye-catching business card giving a much better impression of your company than compared to standard business cards. This type of card also allows for the display of photographs and product photos, personalising and giving more information to the business card.

- Rounded corners + holes - These are all performed by a die which presses/cuts the business card into the desired shape/form. Special dies are required to be made for each different shape. You will have to contact your printer regarding availability of die shapes and/or the costs of designing and making a die for new custom orders.

- Metal business cards, have a metallic protective surface that protects the business cards from damage, fading and wear. Metal business cards are printed using the anodizing process on well-built gold colored brass or silver aluminum.

In order for you to keep your business cards relevant, unique and effective, you need to be able to stay up-to-date with the latest that the new printing technologies can offer you.

Doing this will ensure that your business card will give the impression of your company being modern and professional and will ensure that your business cards remain eye-catching and conversation pieces.

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