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Business and greeting cards. Use them effectively for your business

What have business cards got to do with greeting cards? you may ask. One is small, used to convey your contact details of your business to people, and handed directly to the recipient. The other is large, sent on special occasions to convey your best wishes to the receiver, and usually sent to the recipient in the mail.

Although at first appearance these two kinds of cards may appear too be very different at first glance, they actually share a lot of similarities and can both be used as effective marketing tools for your business. Business cards and greeting cards almost go hand in hand when being used for marketing and business purposes

Here are a couple extra tips on how you can use business cards and greeting cards in your business promotion:

Business Cards

Use business cards to store 'easily forgotten' information.
Business cards not only can contain lots of information about a company, but they can also provide a place to add comments or information regarding the person in a place where they are always accessible.

Business cards are a great place where you can add information. Find a spare spot on the business card and jot down some important information which may come handy later.
Remembering details is very important, especially in business where relationships are so important. Try writing down information like birthdays, spouse or children names, favorite restaurants, etc. If brought up in later meetings this 'easy forgotten' information can really impress the person and help bond and strengthen business relationships.

The Greeting Card
We are presently in the technology-age, where our lives are greatly impacted by the new technologies around us. We spend hours everyday in front of computers both at work and at home, and a lot of our communication is now done through this medium. E-mail, e-cards, faxes, and sms, all play an important role in the way we communicate with each other. While the speed and efficiency of these types of communication is clear, many people are complaining about the 'personal touch' that has been lost.
Compare handwritten letters to emails. Or a nice Christmas card received in the mail to a Christmas e-card received in your email. The 'personal touch' is much more likely to make a better impression and will most likely avoid being deleted straight away.

This is where greeting cards can be a great marketing tool. Rather than an email a greeting card can provide the same marketing and also have a much better chance of being kept and displayed in a better place.

Try keeping a list of customer birthdays or anniversary's, or other special occasions. By sending them a hand written note inside the card, you will be reminding them of your business while at the same time impressing them that you remembered them on the special occasion. You can use any special occasion at all (Christmas, Easter, etc.) to send your messages to your clients, helping you bond closer relationships and ensuring they do not forget about you.
Try to avoid including a business card inside the greeting card. This could be considered overkill and you may lose the 'personal touch' by doing so.

With the price of printing coming down, you could also consider getting custom cards designed and printed.

The business card and greeting card are two effective ways to build and strengthen the relationships you have with your customers, which will ultimately result in more business for you.

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