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Business card design tips

Getting business cards for your business is a very important process. It is important to remember that the card itself should reflect your business for the simple fact that it is quite often the first impression that one will see. For that reason it is important to take the time to make sure that the card and its design reflects the ideals and beliefs of the company in a manner in which you would best prefer to show to potential future clientele.

For starters, it is important that your business cards have your logo. This of course cannot be stressed enough as a company’s logo is much like a person’s signature in that it becomes a part of your business in such a way that it is often the most recognizable part of it.

While it is possible to use the help of an advertising firm to help you design the perfect logo for your business, this is an added expense that is really not needed. Furthermore, along with this logo, you will also need a company slogan. This is the company’s catch phrase and just like the logo should be something not only represents the company but also is something that is recognizable as belonging to your business.

If you have a company website it is imperative that you also include its address because some people would like to know a little bit more about you before they even contact you. If someone has to ask you for your website address, in most cases they will not return to you for more services or products in the future because this should be something that is expected and commonplace today.

Keep your business cards clean looking. You want to use legible fonts so that they can be easily read by virtually anyone. Don’t forget to also include your business email address and phone number and in no situation is it appropriate to use your personal email address or home phone number.

Obviously you want your business card to be seen and not just tossed into a desk to be hunted down later. To get you cards to stay out of the desk, it is important that you make it stand out without being too gaudy. Make the card something someone would want to keep around which also means not letting it look just the same as everyone else’s cards.

Last but not least, the paper stock used to print the business card on is just as important as what is printed on them. You can tell a lot about what type of person someone is simply by looking at the card stock they used for their business cards.

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