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Never leave home without your business cards.

Catalogues, resumes, billboards, and most other advertising for your business cannot possibly be carried around with you everywhere. Business cards on the other hand are small, and even up to a dozen of them can be easily and discretely carried.

With this being the case, you should make sure that you are never without business cards while you are out. You never know when you will be asked for, or you have...

What not to do with your business cards.

Different from most of our articles telling you what to do with your business cards, in this article we will discuss the business card No-No's:

Things to avoid doing with your business cards:

- Do not use 'free business cards'. There are a few companies around offering FREE business cards (by putting their logo on the back of your card). This is a priceless way for them to promote their company...

Use your business cards more effectively: our 5 tips

When used effectively business cards can be a great marketing tool. In this article we will discuss 5 of the most effective ways that you can use your business cards everyday.

1. Be Creative.
Be creative in the design of your business cards. Business cards do not just need to be bits of paper with your contact details on them. Be creative and give your business cards a use and...

Organizing Business Cards for Effective Contact Management

Now that you've had colorful new business cards printed, and have been distributing them diligently, what do you do with the cards you collect from other people? If you're like most people, you have a stack of rubber-banded cards floating around you desk. Or you have been using them as bookmarks, toothpicks, and used gum wrappers ...

Never Be Caught Cardless Again: Five Tips to Help You Remember Business Cards

Sorry, I Don't Seem to Have a Business Card With Me...
Those could be the "famous last words" of the forgetful entrepreneur.
If you habitually find yourself without a business card, you're habitually losing money; or at least the chance of making money. Your business card, more than any other...

Business card design tips

Getting business cards for your business is a very important process. It is important to remember that the card itself should reflect your business for the simple fact that it is quite often the first impression that one will see. For that reason it is important to take the time to make sure that the card and its design reflects the ideals and beliefs of the company in a manner in which you would best prefer to...